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BAMBOO: A Rapidly Renewable Resource

Raw materials that renew quickly can assist with creating a sustainable future. Bamboo can be harvested in five to seven years, whereas trees can require 10 to 50 years before harvesting. bamboo is sturdy enough to be made into flooring and other products traditionally reserved for wood, such as cutting boards, kitchen accessories, and more. As it functions comparably to wood but renews up to 10 times faster, bamboo is a variable material alternative for a sustainable future.

Scientific American EArth 3.0; Summer2009, Vol. 19 Issues 2, p60-65

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Hand washing is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of the most important means of preventing germs from spreading. On the flu alone, Americans spend $1.3 billion on direct medical costs. Lost productivity in the workplace can add another $15 billion to the annual tab.


Shawn Zwick

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We have hand selected a line of items to help improve productivity in the kitchen.  These kitchen essentials are of the highest quality and durability to keep the focus on food creation and off production functionality.

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