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We all know how important it is to be conscious about protecting the environment. Here at Akron Cotton Products Inc. we make sure that we have a full line of eco-friendly products available to our customers. We will help you find effective eco-friendly products that will help reduce the footprint your company leaves behind. A bonus, going with some eco-friendly products can cut back on cost!

Saving the environment and some money has never been so easy!


" Here at Akron Cotton Products we care about supplying our customers with eco friendly options that are highly effective. We carry a wide array of cleaning chemicals that not only clean very well, but have a very little or no carbon footprint. "

- Shawn Zwick

Vice President, Akron Cotton Products

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The EPA estimates that there are 136 million tons of construction and demolition debris generated in the U.S. annually, or 2.8-lbs./ person/day. If your building is undergoing any kind of rehabilitation or construction, keep in mind that there are many government organizations and recycling facilities that will assist you with recycling or reusing excess materials and some kinds of demolition debris. You can be the one that makes these materials available for reuse and keep them out of our landfills and waste streams.


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